Goat Milk Hand Cream


Experience the restorative qualities of nature's richest ingredient - goat milk. Nourish skin with a fresh delivery of milk, full of vitamins and proteins to replenish moisture. This vitamin rich, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely for lasting protection. Use it on hands, body or wherever dry skin occurs. Dionis extra rich hand cream is gentle enough for everyday use.

The 1 oz tube is the perfect size to tuck in your purse or an office drawer.

Blue Ridge Wildflower is a light floral scent that evokes the glory of Virginia's upland meadows.

Unscented is free of fragrance but rich in moisture! The hand cream is made for those who prefer no fragrance, but desire all the benefits that goat milk offers.

White Jasmine & Shea is a distinctive scent of white jasmine blended with creamy shea. Hints of vanilla bean and coconut milk complement this floral blend.

Lavender Blossom is a delightful Aurelian lily blossom, juicy orange and cassis, surrounded by jasmine, rose and lavender on a creamy background of coconut, apricot nectar and musk.

Mediterranean Blue Tea is a refreshing blend of blue tea leaves mixed with aromatic iris blossom and a touch of cardamom.

Love is an enchanting blend of fragrant jasmine, vanilla and black currant extract.

Sea Treasures is nostalgic of warm ocean breezes intertwined with the soft floral of Sweet Pea.

Crisp Pear is the luscious sweet smell of crisp pear with sugar on top.

Honeysuckle & Coconut is the sweet smell of the creamy white and yellowish trumpet-shaped blossoms of the honeysuckle, blended with coconut cream.

Water Flowers & Sea Salt is a heart of water lily, lotus and magnolia dew, complemented by fresh melon, rosewater and musk, with a kiss of sea salt.

Vanilla Bean is a warm and irresistible fragrance of sweet creamy vanilla!

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